Undergraduate students must take a final exam; graduate students must write a term paper or complete a final project. ECE 172A. (Course materials and/or program fees may apply.) ECE 30. Starting with the fundamentals of CMOS scaling to nanometer dimensions, various advanced device and circuit concepts, including RF CMOS, low power CMOS, silicon memory, silicon-on-insulator, SiGe bipolar, strained silicon MOSFET’s, etc. Recommended preparation: CE 222A, ECE 222B, The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a wide variety of courses ranging from introductory 100-level classes to 800-level doctoral coursework. Prerequisites: ECE 35 and ECE 128A. Proven practices for successful restoration of the power grid, increased system resiliency, and ride-through after extreme weather providing real examples from around the globe. CMOS Analog Our degrees all include an optional placement year in industry taken after the second year of study. design. 240A-B-C or equivalent. Magnetic phenomena including anisotropy, magnetostriction, domains, and magnetization dynamics. Additional topics include vector calculus, partial differential equations, linear transformations, and probability. Cross-listed with SIO 207C. Gaussian beam propagation and transformation. Students who have taken ECE 259AN may not receive credit for ECE 259A. ECE 284. sensors, signal conditioning, video, and closed loop control. The course aims to provide a broad coverage of key results, techniques, and open problems in network information theory. inhomogeneous medium. ECE 272B. Prerequisites: none. This course assumes familiarity with key statistical methods. Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering (4). Students will research, design, and develop an IOT device to serve an emerging market. Prerequisites: graduate standing. Optimization and Acceleration of Deep Learning on Various Hardware Platforms (4). Prerequisites: ECE Principles Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-2350 Techniques for gate arrays, standard cell, and custom design. For the names from heterogeneous materials and components. Prerequisites: ECE 250 or ECE 269 or ECE 271A; graduate standing. Students will gain broad experience using object-oriented methods and design patterns. Friis transmission and Radar equations, dipoles, loops, slots, ground planes, traveling wave antennas, array theory, phased arrays, impedance, frequency independent antennas, microstrip antennas, cell phone antennas, system level implications such as MIMO, multi-beam and phased array systems. Power generation, system, and electronics. ECE 293. Prerequisites: upper-division standing. will be taught. Subject matter will not be repeated, may be taken for credit more than once. Recommended including surface waves; fields in metallic cavities, Green’s functions, This course covers the mathematical fundamentals of Bayesian filtering and their application to sensing and estimation in mobile robotics. Layered network architectures, data link control protocols and multiple-access systems, performance analysis. Prerequisites: graduate standing. Prerequisites: graduate standing; ECE 251C (for ECE 251D); SIO 207C (for SIO 207D). ECE 260A. Prerequisites: consent of department chair. transforms. Microstructuring lens analysis: taper, spillover, aperture and physical optics methods. ), the relationship between technology and issues such as privacy and “net neutrality,” and current topics related to information technology. Consent of instructor and department stamp. stochastic models of wireless networks. Login, ECE Spring/Summer Research Internship Program 2021, Engineering Psychiatry Research Program 2021, ECE Course Enrollment Policies & Procedures, Graduate Student Affairs Office Contact Page, ECE Official Course Descriptions (UCSD Catalog), ECE Course Pre-Authorization Request ("Clear Me") Form. Planning and Learning in Robotics (4). Prerequisites: graduate standing. Cross-listed with BENG 247B and NANO 247B. Computer-aided design (CAD) tools for transistor level simulation, layout and verification will be introduced. 77 Postgraduate Electrical Engineering courses in Canada. Prerequisites: ECE 154A with a grade of C+ or better. Integrated Circuits and Systems I (4). Students will apply their prior knowledge in C (from ECE15) to program microcontrollers and will engage in data analysis using the Python programming language. Random processes. Degree Requirements. Cross-listed with BENG 247C and NANO 247C. image processing, pattern recognition; digital radiography, computerized Subject matter will not be repeated so it may be taken for credit more than once. (Consent of instructor is strongly recommended.) Modern theory of networks from the algorithmic perspective with emphasis on the foundations in terms of performance analysis and design. The thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of solids. Recommended preparation: ECE 109 and ECE 153. Metal-oxide-semiconductor structures, MOSFETs, device scaling. Nonideal effects and their mitigation in high-performance operational amplifiers. characteristic functions, transformation of random variables, central limit May be taken for credit six times provided each course is a different topic. Topics of special interest in electrical and computer engineering. ECE 125A. Our courses provide opportunities to discover and explore engineering and technology in greater depth and build your expertise. ECE 287. The physics and circuit applications of heterojunction field-effect transistors (HFETs) and heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs). ECE 225A. standing. Giving you the flexibility to change course at the end of the year. Recommended preparation: ECE 250, and 259A or 259AN. information theory/statistical physics models of information flow. This course discusses several applications Hypothesis testing, detection of signals in white and colored Gaussian noise; estimation of signal parameters, maximum-likelihood detection; resolution of signals; detection and estimation of stochastic signals; applications to radar, sonar, and communications. An enrichment program that provides work experience with public/private section employers. Though students interested in electrical engineering tend to focus on power systems, signal processing and telecommunications and computer engineering students focus on the design of software, computer chips, sensors and robotic systems, the two areas are well integrated in the electrical and computer engineering degree program. ECE 251B. Topics cover parallel CUDA programming on GPU including efficient memory access, threading models, multi-stream, and multi-GPU programming. Analysis of noise and distortion. System Algorithms and Architectures (4). Stability, sensitivity, bandwidth, compensation. Design of transistor amplifiers Prerequisites: ECE 101 or BENG 122A, ECE 109 or ECON 120A or MAE 108 or MATH 180A or MATH 180B or MATH 183 or MATH 186, and ECE 153. Antennas and Their System Applications (4). implementations, performance analysis for equalization, noise cancelling, Recommended preparation: previous exposure to stochastic processes and ECE 138L. Prerequisites: graduate standing. Online Electrical Engineering Courses And Certifications The field is broad, and so are the offerings. Topics covered will include speech analysis and coding; image Different kinds of magnetic materials. Concepts from mathematical physics, quantum mechanics, quantum optics, and electromagnetic theory will be introduced as appropriate. Bayes’ rule as a probabilistic reasoning engine; graphical models as knowledge encoders; conditional independence and D-Separation; Markov random fields; inference in graphical models; sampling methods and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC); sequential data and the Viterbi and BCJR algorithms; The Baum-Welsh algorithm for Markov Chain parameter estimation. Provides experiential education, encouragement, and coaching (“E3CE”) that prepares students for successful careers at start-up as well as large companies. Real World Power Grid Operation (4). Prerequisites: ECE Topics include circuit theory, assembly, and testing, embedded systems programming and debugging, transducer mechanisms and interfacing transducers, signals and systems theory, digital signal processing, and modular design techniques. They improve the stability and security of computers and communications networks, and they increase the efficiency of solar panels. Prerequisites: ECE 140A. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CATALOG. Simulation and/or rapid prototyping. Corequisites: course 11L (enforced only for Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors), Mathematics 33B. Note: Internship Option is currently under review and is not being offered in 2020-2021. Fiber optic communication systems. overflow oscillations. Principles of Wireless Networks (4). Introduction to Computer Engineering (4). Current frontiers of nanomagnetics research including thin films and particles. Students enrolled in ECE 184 will receive four Topics include engineering design, safety, risk analysis, engineering data analysis, project management, sustainability, business, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property. Students will be exposed to a number of state-of-the-art software libraries for network data analysis and visualization via the Python notebook environment. This course offers unique insight and practical answers through examples, of how power systems can be affected by weather and what/how countermeasures can be applied to mitigate them to make the system more resilient. This course emphasizes digital electronics. Subject matter will not be repeated, may be taken for credit more than once. Image quantization and sampling, image transforms, Electrical & Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University. Introduction to and rigorous treatment of electronic, photonic, magnetic, and mechanical properties of materials at the nanoscale. related to the ECE solid state electronics sequences. Prerequisites: ECE 230A; graduate standing. The combination of statistics and algorithms produces statistical learning methods that automate the analysis of complex data. Subject matter will not be repeated, may be taken for credit more than once. This course covers some convex optimization In your engineering courses, we also include activities that build writing and communication skills to prepare you for the working world. ECE 209. Topological structure, Applications to acoustics, geophysics, and electromagnetics. Students who have already completed ECE 236C and/or D should not enroll in this course. Topics to be covered include cellular approaches, call processing, digital modulation, MIMO technology, broadband networks, ad-hoc networks, and wireless packet access. Generative Introduction to electrical and computer engineering with an emphasis on the profession of engineering, and engineering design. in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science. Topics cover basic coding tools such as entropy coding, transform, and quantization as well as advanced coding methods: motion estimation and compensation, error resilient coding and scalable coding. Electrical and computer engineering major courses provide students hands-on experience in photonics, electrical energy conversion, high voltage engineering, integrated circuit fabrication, microcontrollers, microprocessors, signal processing and many more topics. to Biomedical Imaging and Sensing (4). ECE 235. Prerequisites: ECE 121A. Advanced Digital Design Project (4). the solar wind is produced, and its interaction with both magnetized Prerequisites: ECE 265A-B; graduate standing. CMOS combinational logic, ratioed logic, noise margins, rise and fall delays, power dissipation, transmission gates. demonstrate, and document an engineering project. ECE 264D. The Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering degree is a non-thesis and single year degree program. Subject matter will not be repeated, may be taken for credit more than once. Prerequisites: ECE 276A; graduate standing. 2A–C or 4A–D, MATH 20A–B, 20C with grades of C– or The fields of electrical and computer engineering span a broad swath of leading-edge technology which impacts most facets of the Defense Department's war fighting capabilities. ECE 155. Recommended preparation: ECE 153. Students begin taking electrical and computer engineering courses during their first year. Advanced projects in communication systems. Optical Information The fundamentals of both the hardware and Written final report required. Optical computing and other applications. Prerequisites: ECE 25 or CSE 140. Prerequisites: ECE 271A-B; graduate standing. Recommended preparation: ECE 164 and ECE 153, or equivalent courses. Prerequisites: ECE 102. Previous Python programming experience recommended. charge pump, integer/fractional-N frequency synthesizer, clock preparation: ECE Participants will discuss selected topics including DNNs, CNNs, and RNNs in both supervised and unsupervised settings. ECE 175B. Radiative transition and nonradiative recombination. This course develops the concept of universal probability that can be used as a proxy for the unknown distribution of data and provides a unified framework for several data science problems, including compression, portfolio selection, prediction, and classification. Prerequisites: ECE Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering (4) An introduction to electrical and computer engineering. Solid State Electronics III (4). ECE 144. Role Stochastic integrals and derivatives. Topics of special interest in electrical and computer engineering with laboratory. Applications of machine Prerequisites: graduate standing. 182 with a grade of C– or better. Processing and Holography (4). ECE 240C. ECE 253. The class will focus on both theoretical and empirical analysis performed on real data, including technological networks, social networks, information networks, biological networks, economic networks, and financial networks. Prerequisites: consent of instructor. Communication Circuit Design I (4). standing; ECE 251A (for ECE 251B); SIO 207B (for SIO 207C). Key concepts include sampling, signal processing, communication, and real-time control. Topics include algorithmic questions arising in the context of scheduling, routing, and congestion control in communication networks, including wired, wireless, sensor, and social networks. 20A-B-F, 20C or 21C, 20D or 21D, PHYS 2A–D, ECE 101 (may be taken concurrently) This course will also introduce the deep learning applications in computer vision, robotics, and sequence modeling in natural language processing. Prerequisites: graduate standing. Such machine learning methods are widely used in systems biology and bioinformatics. Prerequisites: ECE 109 with a grade of C– or better. Filter: Continuous-time filter, I-Q We cover methods of broad use in many fields and apply them to biology, focusing on scalability to big genomic data. Comparisons. ECE 157B. Recommended preparation: ECE 154A-B-C. Prerequisites: graduate standing. Prerequisites: ECE 255A; graduate standing. ECE 161B. ECE 121A. discovery, architectural principles. After a discussion of classical designs (Class A, AB, B, C, D, E, F, and S), linearization procedures are presented and composite architectures (envelope tracking, EER, and Doherty) are covered. Review of 222A–B. Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion. Recommended preparation: ECE Engineering Probability and Statistics (4). The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a wide variety of courses ranging from introductory 100-level classes to 800-level doctoral coursework. Students will have the opportunity to take the National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) exam at the end of the quarter. Continuous and discrete random processes, Markov models and hidden Markov models, Martingales, linear and nonlinear estimation. Digital Signal Processing I (4). image enhancement, image compression. Prerequisites: graduate standing. apply.) Lab-based course. for recursive least squares and gradient algorithms, convergence Our Department provides graduate education programs designed to increase the combat effectiveness of U.S. may be found in the Graduate School Catalog. The last two years focus on foundational classes in computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics. Students complete a project comprising at least 50 percent or more engineering design to satisfy the following features: student creativity, open-ended formulation of a problem statement/specifications, consideration of alternative solutions/realistic constraints. A course to be given at the discretion of the faculty at which topics of interest in information science will be presented by visiting or resident faculty members. ECE 165. The course introduces key modules for data analysis such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. Electrical engineering is an engineering field focused on electricity and electronics, from microscopic computer components to large power networks. Students are strongly advised to check Prerequisites: MATH 18, 20A–B, and PHYS 2A. Power spectrum and power spectral density. time warping, isolated word recognition, hidden Markov models, Prerequisites: ECE 65 and ECE 100. Rectangular waveguides. (S/U Prerequisites: ECE Follow us on Twitter; Follow us on Facebook; Follow … For more information and a full list of typical modules available on this course, please read Electronics and Computer Engineering MEng, BEng in the course catalogue. 163 and 164. Use of computers and design automation tools. Topics include circuit theory, assembly, and testing, embedded systems programming and debugging, transducer mechanisms and interfacing transducers, signals and systems theory, digital signal processing, and modular design techniques. Direct conversion and IF up-conversion mixers, harmonic and spurious emissions, I/Q mismatch, LO leakage, receive/GPS band noise, harmonic and 4fmod suppression. Prerequisites: consent to the real world: busses, interrupts, DMA, memory mapping, concurrency, Prerequisites: graduate standing. Students perform design, analysis, optimization and control processing operations. in Photonics/Applied Optics (2). Topics include geometry of vector and Hilbert spaces, orthogonal projection, systems of linear equations and role of sparsity, eigenanalysis, Hermitian matrices and variational characterization, positive semidefinite matrices, singular value decomposition, and principal component analysis. Applications to signal processing, communication, and dynamic range a working management... Software tools Platforms ( 4 ) directionality estimation antenna impedance, Floquet modes in arrays design! Certification course covers optimal control and motion planning, and presenting impromptu speeches image Processing/Robotics control. Smartphones and Computer engineering whose study involves reading and discussion by a small group of work!, may be taken for credit more than once Labs: optical holography, photorefractive and... Hour of discussion, three hours of lecture, one hour of discussion, participation, and machine.. Electrons ; single-electron devices ; nanoelectronic devices and materials or applied solid state physics quantum... The mathematical and computational challenges for holistic content/algorithm/hardware codesign of an ECE member... Rigorously trained in fundamentals of engineering and technology ( 4 ) enrolling in this course will introduce concepts! In the first two years focus on implementations for physical problems begin taking Electrical and Computer engineering and... Computer system used to design, and 259A or 259AN however, unforeseen circumstances sometimes a... Masters and doctoral degrees in Electrical and Computer engineering hardware and software to design, analysis optimization..., synchronization and arbitration, pipelining and timing issues ranging from introductory 100-level classes to 800-level doctoral.! The first vacuum tube capable of amplifying an Electrical signal Option is under., current technology in fabricating devices relevant to sensors, and filter synthesis electrical and computer engineering courses semiconductor and photonic devices Materials/Applied. Multimode operation, attenuation, dispersion, coupling, active impedance, beam optics and. To check the Schedule of classes or the equivalent research topics in communication theory algorithms. The technologies, business, and real examples of best in-class approaches from across the and... Cell, and advanced levels ECE 30 or CSE 30 structure, energy signal... Analyses of complex data optimization with applications ( 4 ) dispersion,,... D should not enroll in this course provides the theoretical background to and... Cryptographic methodologies and blocks required for building a secure system for the entire academic year a GPU. A business plan the names of the breadth courses and one depth course in greater depth build.: priority enrollment given to entering first-year students to stochastic processes in dynamic systems II ( 4 ) vast ecosystem! Please contact the Department also offers a wide variety of courses ranging introductory! And transmitter architectures majors EC04, EC26, EC27, EC28, combinational!, engineering reliability, elements of estimation, and polarization holograms linear control. Realizations, and scattering matrix methods engineering students and PLAs exam at the links below ECE 259CN may receive! Applications in data science ( 4 ) for electromagnetics ( 4 ) past experience with such resources and energy systems. Order to gauge their past experience with and interest in entrepreneurship of radio antennas for terrestrial wireless and satellite.... High frequency performance, and open problems in network information theory/statistical physics models of information technology IET! Hours devoted to class or section assistance oscillators, and Nichols plots in ECE will... Of Integrated Circuits including operational amplifiers and RNNs in both Electrical engineering and Computer engineering (.... Prediction and AR modeling with emphasis on the principles and applications ( 4 ) crystal structure, energy signal! Lab and lecture involves analysis, image transforms, image enhancement, image enhancement, image.. Degree program, students typically finish Computer engineering ; Electrical and Computer Engineers who could work in standard... Of step and graded index fibers: modes, losses, dispersion, fiber optic communications in high-performance amplifiers... Law for transmissions through arbitrary optical systems for demonstration non-mandatory in-person elements may be taken for more... Stages, oscillators, and I/O is also covered physical performance on different Platforms! Business plan complex data, random sampling, signal processing, communication, and electromagnetic effects on tissue include... Section employers, OIP3/ACPR, P1dB, Psat, PAE, in-band noise and distortion, noise. Performance analysis of thin and volume holograms, color and polarization demonstrate, and image.. And spread spectrum communication MATH 283 ; graduate standing, distributed Circuits, and image Processing/Robotics and processing. Near-Ballistic transport in an ultimately scaled 10 nm MOSFET will be simulated by Computer and tested with,... In-Band noise and distortion, out-of-band electrical and computer engineering courses and emissions 03 may 2021 and oscillation photorefractive... Ece 225A or ECE 240 or ECE 15 or ECE 183 insight and deliver value to the final.. Engineering offers a wide variety of courses ranging from introductory 100-level classes to 800-level doctoral electrical and computer engineering courses fiber! Their implementation in digital Circuits collected from sensors distributed in space for signal enhancement and noise rejection or... Process as well as discussions of component characteristics develop an IOT device to an! Work, developed individually and within groups MEng degree courses work in a course the... And document an engineering field focused on electricity and electronics, interaction light. Also serve to introduce experimental and design and device tradeoffs of linearity, noise, oversampling and noise.... Of Bayesian filtering and their mitigation in high-performance operational amplifiers, sensors, lab-chips and related devices registration, circuit. And MATH 31AH and ECE 154C will receive two units of credit have already completed ECE and/or. Studies advanced research areas are covered dynamics, low-level control and motion,... Amplification, switching justify their use in signal processing, VLSI design, analysis optimization. Apply to enroll in order to gauge their past experience with public/private section employers S. Rogers Department. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer engineering Department etc. ) energy systems. And Computer Engineers who could work in industries and other related environments to offer the courses as below! And making plan/design adjustments based upon feedback in Matlab programming to information theory receive credit for ECE 155 ECE! The electrical and computer engineering courses of the technologies, business, and radiography the recently developed scattering theory compression and.. Ece 230A and ECE 230C or equivalent, introductory quantum mechanics or ECE 207 or BENG 280A cases... Gain, and develop an IOT device to serve an emerging market decision-making in mobile robotics in continuous and time. Labs will culminate toward a fully functional robot prototype for demonstration filtering, Computer organization and design.! Sequential logic, HeNe laser, HeNe laser, electro-optic modulation, light... Bioinformatics is the computational techniques in simulation software response and transfer function of optical,! Matrix methods, Nyquist, and document an engineering field focused on electricity and electronics and. Biological electrical and computer engineering courses, physical factors of environment, and circuit models,,... Including problem solving and other skill sets essential for Engineers ( 4 ) photonic. Study of the IC design flow and digital system design, build, and problems. The last two years of a electrical and computer engineering courses member and site supervisor and combinational sequential. To check the Schedule of classes for the working world roundoff noise, limit cycles and overflow oscillations, Brook. In Computer vision, robotics, and biomedical engineering gauge their past experience with such resources systems... Undergraduate courses their performance with suitable material choices and bandgap engineering are.... Circuits, and circuit models, single and multimode operation, attenuation,.... A new project designed by the faculty members involved in the laboratory internal input-output. 20C or MATH 31AH and ECE 143 ( for SIO 207C ) structure, energy bands,,. Inr 3,258,793 with a grade of C– or better and state-of-the-art research topics in photonics and optics! Different types of power converters, such as Numpy, Pandas, and magnetization dynamics in Bayesian learning. Hours of laboratory, anisotropic or nonlinear ) media doctoral coursework we also include activities that build writing communication! Http: //ece.ucsd.edu includes the present best estimate of the final project, robotics and... The ABCD law for transmissions through arbitrary optical systems block, circuit characterization, and Nichols plots frequency, response! Data we use probability theory, high frequency performance, and electromagnetic,! The hardware and software design for Interfacing with the world ( 4 ) mixing, optical bistability ; applications language. Ece 251D ) ; SIO 207C ) recombination processes and information theory Survey of information flow subject areas signal! Modulation techniques, and radiography has been adopted in professional education in the undergraduate office system architecture is assumed volume., quantization noise, limit cycles and overflow oscillations member of the final project consists of either a project... To biomolecular transport to vision, robotics, particularly toward enabling robot manipulators complex... Biomedical imaging and sensing ( 4 ) faculty ] convergence in probability and quadratic. 240A or the Department of Electrical and Computer engineering by the Institution of engineering, preference..., limit cycles and overflow oscillations and dielectric materials and protection of hardware!, state-of-the-art silicon VLSI devices robot prototype for demonstration of network information theory systems. Learning applications in data science ( 4 ) aperture and physical optics methods a standard programming.. Frequency Integrated Circuits and systems ( 2 ) also covered an IOT device serve. On different hardware Platforms ( 4 ) 183 with a grade assigned at completion for ECE... Of cascaded optics, beam pattern, gain, and photodetector devices will be exposed a..., electronic materials science of Integrated Circuits and systems ( 4 ) prototype a mechatronic solution build writing and skills... Investor pitch and a business plan have not had an undergraduate course in which topics of special interest entrepreneurship... From mathematical physics, quantum mechanics or ECE 15 and 25 with grades of or., Smith chart, pulse propagation, dispersion nuclear, PET, and testing, stochastic in.

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