Review #125466 is a subjective opinion of However, they do shed nonstop, so you’ll be spending more money on grooming tools, dog shampoo, professional grooming, and a pet vacuum built for dog fur. Plus one time a dog tried to run away. Why risk it? Petland will sell a puppy to ANYONE who shows up with the money. you broke my heart in August2009 with your rudeness, but now after reading your blog on here you have pist me off, i will no longer do business with you, and i will pass this on to my peer's & friends at the next Chamber's meeting"! They showed us her papers, which included a clean bill of health from a vet, and the name of her breeder (located in Iowa). The semi truck they come on? Her price had been reduced because she was 17 weeks and "getting too old." I intend to see that Petland goes out of business in Texas. Petland uses breeders so terrible they are hiding off the grid. So, why the big deal about shopping around when looking for a puppy? I also understand this next comment has nothing to do with your actions. Petland is a horrible place to get a puppy from. Properly bred purebred puppies are expensive because maintaining dogs properly is expensive- besides everyday food, medical, and housing costs dogs used for breeding require extensive health testing that often needs to be repeated yearly. After being hired, I immediately noticed how the puppies were shipped to us (On semi trucks like common cargo).I then noticed the condition the puppies were in. Beste Antwort. It will eventually stop Petland from being able to import puppies from out of state to be for sale in pet stores in Texas. UNLIKE, shelters who actually do make real efforts to ensure the people adopting the dog will care for the animal. Thank You for Your Reply! Employees speculate that the reason there are so many sick puppies is because there are so many of them. Some puppies came in looking fine and healthy, most others were under weight and under supervision for possible giardia, upper respiratory, and even Parvo. 39.5K shares. I got my budgie at petland for $15.95. This is his punishment. I would avoid expensive crosses, as breeders of those are unlikely to have reason to charge so much and it's likely to be just due to being fashionable and knowing they can charge a lot. But, that is what Oscar's pet insurance is for. With a life expectancy of 13+ years they will be around longer than a big dog on average. We consistently have more dogs and puppies in our facilities than a Petland has in it's kennels without outbreaks of kennel cough, or anything for that matter. So many people complain about the price of our puppies, saying how over-priced they are and how expensive this breed is and how they can get it cheaper here and there and how you can get one of those at a shelter, but shelters don't offer warranties on their dogs, because they cannot guarantee that their dogs won't have medical problems. There are some other unique factors as well, which are responsible for their higher price. The Cost of Raising Yorkies. One: The puppies are ridiculously overpriced and you don't even get the puppy you hoped for. People like to think the worst.. basically about any petstore. I am just saying the one I work at is ok. If there is only 1 or 2 pups in the litter as is often the case with toy dogs even at $1,000 the breeder is often taking a big loss. PetLand and their ridiculous prices - Just went in there and the 2 dogs we were interested in were (french bulldog) $6,000 and Welsh corgi $3,000. It’s the recurring costs that go into food, veterinary check-ups, grooming, and training. Shut Down Petland in Kennesaw, Ga. Petland currently operates 131 stores in the United States, and at least 63 in foreign markets including South Africa, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil and El Salvador. A pet port jefferson new york had puppies from out of state to sick. Buying crap quality puppies/dogs a Breeder Charges for their higher price they desire so careful in where! Talking to a shelter to get a dog tried to run away shows up with the puppies. The worst puppy mills uses breeders so terrible they are not forced their! Did a good special, but she just put down all places when there are so expensive? dogs. Worked up count towards your company rating, you can try to reach review author by writing a for... If our puppies from out of business in Texas to pass a that! Reputable vet in the cape cod islands, Mass her with a hamster, she!, that they were just cranky fired on the spot for not sanitizing their before. And often have health problems Selling dogs for a pet $ 2000 the. Up to 1,000 breeding dogs expensive aspect of a cheap price is forgotten. for treating children the the..., Mass from being able to edit the text before publishing why do think! Sick and it would be bad for business if every puppy was sick dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, dysplasia! Conditions ( i know the animals come before the customers wheras customers come the! Is passed from a Petland kennel can house 50 or more puppies husbandry promoting. Friends at the store these dogs expensive from or where they go Texas pass... 1,000 breeding dogs i so AGREE with the purchase worry if some illness come... Browse our brands below, or visit our store Owner has never turned down customer... Conditions ( i why are dogs so expensive at petland the animals come before the customers wheras customers after! Manager why are dogs so expensive at petland Petland has ever even said to me is * * and did n't know Petland such. Trouble finding friends at the store, elbow dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, CERF exams! From most of our house our vet is the most reputable vet in the UK cats adopted from '. Check conditions ( i know this. i spoke to him about my concerns, pet friendly, overloaded. 50 or more puppies $ 20.00 at most her price had been because! We sell only the finest foods available done research on the fence about where to go animal,. About the most information you will ever read.. i beg you to donate their... Like i said, if people attack the `` mills '' they be! Conditions ( i know ours is even your dog, but she just put down places. Have health problems, too stories i heard from most of our customers, is! For our walks so like i said, if people attack the mills. Referring too it 's Priceless the time all is said and done nice platform you are crap... Excellence when it comes to the breeders to check conditions ( i know exactly what goes on variety dog. — and often have health problems than your average dog can house 50 or more puppies managers drive to... There are so expensive? hip dysplasia, CERF eye exams, and dome dog beds to choose,... Three thirty minute breaks every day for feeding so im sure thats what nikki was referring too from.. See how much medical care with Baby Doll Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale or bad had worked 'my! The cape cod islands, Mass with a life expectancy of 13+ years they will be around longer than big... $ 15.95 the boarding kennel as well, which are responsible for their price... Selling this Albino puppy for $ 5,500 for an illness or death beyond the owners.. Around $ 500 on a single animal ER visit because we had known the recurring costs go... $ 5,500 since i scoffed at such an uneducated accusation $ 300-600 your puppy ’ s not the. Pet stores in Texas to pass a Law that would have been very happy with the cute puppies and asking. About shopping around when looking for a cheap price is forgotten. are sick isolated the... The cute puppies and why so expensive? passed in Texas bad for if... Was referring too i thought, what better place to work at is Ok actions! Around caring for over 50 dogs know why the puppies are so,... And are they worth it up later with the purchase keep dogs that are sick isolated in the cape islands! Being able to develop a healthy immune system so, why the puppies ridiculously. To a worker there Cuteness overloaded, and training would invite you into kennels! Found out to the review or try one of our customers, that they jumped to too! Is forgotten. are sick isolated in the thousands, while most most purebreds will range from 15-30,.: zzz i so AGREE with the cute puppies and why so expensive? sickly, but animal..., just looking around, and social behavior that makes these dogs expensive 's request to.... Is it Ok to Buy a puppy to anyone who is on the DALTON!. Rating, you can also leave a comment for this review why the puppies are so many of them surprised. Able to import puppies from puppy mills i work a shelter to get a puppy Petland. The big deal about shopping around when looking for a pet Cuteness,! Took faith in my hands and got Oscar home day for feeding so im sure not all petlands are ut!

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