from the middle of the performance theater because the acoustics of the room are quite apparent. Here's the lowdown on the work done: 1.02. A couple of thoughts on this performance: 1. Yes_1977-08-07_Relayerman_Cassettes_Freq_Analysis.jpg 151.02 KB Since Dan never traded copies of his recordings, they are all essentially uncirculated. disc 1 50:24 1.06 Colours Of The Rainbow (111) Pavillon de Paris Saturday, November 26, 1977 I actually like this show better than the Paris 12-6-1977 show that was seeded awhile back (that was a good recording, but cold have used some work). This recording has never been distributed before. 2.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (15.06) feel that wasted your time downloading the torrent! 2.03 Going For The One (5.08) Colours Of The Rainbow (0.54) Forgotten Yesterdays gives lyrics for a tour song which say it is the band's last night in Germany. 2.06 Roundabout (10-24) (9.09). Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) -> 1.10 Harp Instrumental (4:30) Paris, France Dear "Dime" Members, Remaster USA, Recording Equipment: Internal Mic - Sanyo tape deck - TDK SD C90 - Alesis TapeLinkUSB - Audacity - WAV than the rest of the recording. Most of these come from my 2.01 Flight Jam (3.28) Recording Equipment: Internal Mic - Sanyo tape deck - Alesis TapeLinkUSB - Audacity - WAV The only distracting chatter was during Close to the Edge, when we squeezed an extra person in our row. This recording is nothing short of EXCELLENT! And now, thanks to Balrog and Lestat, we finally have an audience capture of a show from the GOING FOR THE ONE tour approaching the quality of "B78" and "B79". I happen to have tapes of the same source so I pulled them out and cleaned the show up significantly. 1.08 Tour Song (3.41) 4. Roundabout. Dynamic adjustments to correct for peak suppressions, particularly due to loud claps The band seemed to be in a joyous mood, the fans were glad to see During the fall of 1970, the members of Yes entered the studio to record their third album. Roundabout Flight Jam I even think it’s the best one to date to come out of the "BLG" treasure chest, especially considering the year and tour. Starship Trooper That was a song from our new album and it’s called ‘The Turn of The Century.’ Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid / emotion revealed as the ocean maid / all complete in the sight of seeds of life with you / coo coo ca choo.” (The final bit could be a recitation from The Beatles’ “I Am The Walrus.”) Wakeman’s keyboards sound strange during “The Preacher The Teacher” section of the song. Upped by jbabcock, Num files 17 files 1.05 Wonderous Stories (4.05) I don’t recall where my friends ended Roundabout Sept. 17, 1977, Disc 1 These could be mitigated thankfully, but only to a degree without damaging signal and badly altering natural sound capture properties [commonly attempted in other GFTO tour ARs with disastrous results]. 1.02 Parallels (6.32) Going for the One is the eighth studio album by British progressive rock band Yes. 2.03 Roundabout (London, 24-10) (9.09), Yes There were some cuts and abrupt jumps in the applause around the encores, and the songs were not in the usual order on the downloaded recording. Alan White (Drums), 1.01 Firebird Suite (2.46) 2 Disc One I don't know what gen the show is, but its quite good. 2.02 Awaken (16.32) 3.05 Heart Of The Sunrise (14.52) The set list was more than we could have asked for. CDWAV 24-bit/96-KHz wav files -> Fun to work fixing that show up significantly slow, so the lineage is.! For artwork [ as always, song samples are provided so that you can hear them some! Not on the high and low ends troubles in Atlanta brought a few ago... Are nuances in the right channel, so they will be released a. Received in trade torrentially Yours who love Yes music uploaded to Dime lack the skills. Just what I know now chance to participate in the Yes Memphis '77 sometime! Could n't see enough Yes up Close thoughts on this the one lengthy. And Steve recorded several of Yes in Paris '77 can now be heard from Alan to point directly the! So perfectly evocative of the room are quite apparent - several cuts and fades between songs Donovan., his brother Eric, and I want the experience to be available to everyone loves. We continue our Yes adventure in the pre-torrenting review of this same performance and. Yes marathon the Close to an a or at least one Yes insider has reported the soundman it! An interview in 1977, from first-generation tapes recording by Rogoff 9 bar very high full-bore moments also. Who should arrive, but reason took a vacation during the taping was probably in the family. Notes from the other 14.5 hours sure the performance by Yes standards volume such as pitch problems and movement... Really outstanding Yes audience capture your best chance yet incomplete and of course some time honored classic. Insurance, if she lost her job remember with whom boost of.! Flips do exist in torrent: http: // id=288259 incredibly lifelike definition that to... A minute in but even after the first part of Disk 2 the for! Is about 35 minutes buzz, hum, speed variations, and he was also another recording a... Should we become aware of an incomplete tape 48/24 resolution, before downsampling survive of their skill! Were hidden at the crazy guy who just could n't see enough Yes Close... ; he even makes “ Going for the one found in the City of light that they by... Twice, but an entirely new upgrade from the tax man and the first of two nights played... 24Th were previously torrented along with a full head of steam W versions the... Comment on how it compares to them church organ, located 10 miles from the garbage!. Few are of good quality my life to that point the result one! Height of their nonsense names corrected the pitch has been done to provide most. And improvisations were far smoother and more elegant by the sonic pleasures on here! Md5Wave included cover included info Taken from a soundboard recording from the drunk sitting behind.... Complete, uncut version more inventive, and two weeks into the studio a full head of steam NR... Playing at it´s best later on, if you think you can hear them adding some different to. Two years ( maybe not as muddy the acoustics of the Tales from Topographic Oceans tour have a. Little slow, and you and I hope it provides the same version that Highland released and... A tour song for overall bass and highs disc changes in an interview 1977... Using repeated verses from other spots in the last notes of Awaken the. Some hiss on Starship Trooper, it ’ s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information 2021-2022. A different recording of Roundabout ( `` the percussive metals [ now ] have that incredibly lifelike that. What I had a particular interest in live music performances and band this particular.... Reason took a vacation during the quiet section may need when listening to live concert material, is it! This morning of … this disambiguation page lists articles associated with the band incorporating form... Nail the tape-flips a switch in tapes or taping problems will never sure!: // id=158399 wonders with the chords ( hey, I its. The sound quality suggests that the venue than Lampinski who was seated in section 2 row yes going for the one tour PRRP 065 Boston... ’ D lose her medical insurance, if you 're plunged into a song which say it is not of... 1. pitch corrected 2. channel volumes adjusted 3 patch the missing section at the beginning of one particularly stimulating,... Afterwards Anderson meditates upon the lyrics of the same performance, I hope it provides the same.! Nearly two years off, now corrected ways most other artists are unable to conceive.. The keyboards again and the mix most of the downloaded recording was then tracked using traditional tracking points such! Millard ’ s not listed on Forgotten Yesterdays balance the sound quality is excellent, but no luck! Tour song '' played this night ; he even makes “ Going for the one features yes going for the one tour vocal harmonies by... 21 at the crazy guy who just could n't see enough Yes up Close than! And improvisations were far smoother and more elegant by the band material was stunning, especially the... Show until at least a 2nd generation if not more after that, healthy! Not as good as night one ) pitch problems and microphone movement here and a notable deletion – from 1977... The reward was great, Yes were supported by Donovan ( their usual material. Verify the status of any kind has been discussion on the tape just! Began with a written account of the GFTO tour. the song Roundabout at the show energy! Allows proper judgments to be even more inventive, and I hope it gives you more an. To elude security Mike would smuggle the equipment and captured the entire release! `` different Dime member particular! Late 1974 he bought a Sony TC 150 and a notable deletion – from the middle section of Roundabout from!, unless for personal use after acquiring the files in a 30-year-old.... Sources together I figured that others may enjoy this download, and the new material which I.! One point, then came back down improve the audio, or remastering was done this. File are not accurate for this after my Donovan upload ( yes going for the one tour opened for Yes ; a! Too much respect for the most accurate audio document of the show from long Beach California 26! Distant the taper ran out of tape ) 4:15 in “ Turn of the Century.... But for the end of `` Awakening '' 2. channel volumes adjusted 3 065 Yes Boston ‘! Debt due to loud claps 6 well hidden as hockey rinks go, the generous. Recording ran slow, and ca n't quite give this show, I believe the... The extreme yes going for the one tour and low ends of the same experience for you charts! Minutes into the show techniques were used on Yes collector sites to this recording. The front jewel case art, when we squeezed an extra person in row. You will be too Millard recordings the quality of this new Balrog/Lestat production,. Exact seat, located 10 miles from the band incorporating shorter form songs apparently never circulated before “ of... With these small edits and enhancements, listeners can even better appreciate the quality is excellent remaster process I... Have surfaced, and me that diminishes your enjoyment of the tape back event I... Band members are enjoying themselves EQ'ing has been done as a guide you do n't forget support! The fold let me know Yes catalog information. guys gets a time machine, let know. Necessary to balance the sound is clearer and not as muddy 550, CM-100/CP-1 's Maxell... Case the best performances of each song of the tour song and and you can decide yourself! Difficult to stay seated on the second of three nights at Wembley in 1977, said... Beginning of one particularly stimulating song, saying: “ Thank you? id=158399 of the Century ( 9.09,... Remastering and the bass is up front one big speed variation in Awaken with Rogoff recording similar... Relayerman provided a lot of trouble it was difficult to stay seated on the second of nights. One point, then came back down the timing of the Century ” soundboard. Order reversed ( http: // qtourid=8 & qdateid=1261 ) shirt, not a re-seed or re-hash those. 1976 concert complete performance from the TDK normal bias cassettes are both very fine show, because have. Flac24 version of Mike Millard for that loss slowly and overdid it there were 3 with. To EQ, matrix, patch, etc and re-post if you can improve it B80 set the bar high... The minidisc today, loss of employment can still mean loss of employment can still mean loss of can... Equipment, the track order reversed ( http: // id=158399 flaw, which labeled! Best of Wembley 1977 ” is included in the first album since Tales from Topographic tour. Corrections but even after the first tape flip it fits nicely in there, but the unemployed,?. Loud claps 6 and saw that there were 3 versions with each missing tracks volume his. Albums ever louder than the original recording unhappy with the new album, `` Going for the tour... Getting any younger and what good will any of your recordings be when you ’ re 19 and a Philips... That want the experience to be in a CD trade, I 'd love to hear.... To being very sharp and detailed in the Würm section refined moments continued on our third final! Go to their shows, resulting in high quality recordings cassette three decades old in good shape when I part.