Market Posters was developed with the objective of developing high quality posters, in physical and digital versions, of the most diverse indexes in the world financial markets.

Posters which will portray their history through long term charts accompanied by some of the most important world events and historical landmarks of the period. Developed with precision of information and the esthetical balance that turns them into fine and elegant posters.

Our objective is to develop posters of the most diverse assets of the world financial markets, beginning with the most emblematic of them: The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the oldest and most traditional index of the United States, and the Ibovespa, the Brazilian Stock Exchange, Market Poster's host country.

Browse through our website and learn about our products. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and that they are worth of having a place on your wall.

Wall Posters

The traditional wall poster is the simplest way to bring the beauty and richness of the financial markets to your wall and therefore to the your daily lives.

It is common to observe people gathering around our wall posters and going over their own experiences and memories pointing out to the chart oscillations and historical events. It is most rewarding for us to see moments like this, listening to a good conversation about financial markets and history.

Our posters are printed on high quality paper and their measures are based on the golden ratio, which can be found everywhere in nature and that too often we see the price fluctuation.

Beyond Paper: Electronic formats

We are also working on digital and interactive versions of our wall posters in which you will be able to access through your desktop, smartphone or tablet. These are the Web Posters (internet based posters) and the App Posters (developed especially for mobile devices). Click here to register your email if you want to be notified about the launch of these services.

History and histories of Market Posters

Market Posters was born out of the passion of its founding partners for long term financial charts. Passion which can be exemplified by two short stories. The first is that we made charts before the computer could do it for us. Today any computer is capable of building and exhibiting a chart in a fraction of a second. However, when our partner Fausto de Arruda Botelho began to analyze charts in the late 1970s, this feature did not exist yet, therefore the only way to view and analyze charts, was to build them yourself, drawing them by hand, and that's what Fausto used to do using graph paper and ink pen.

The second story, a little bit more recent, was that Fausto went to the National Library of Rio de Janeiro to research old newspapers to gather data of the Brazilian Index (Ibovespa) prior to 1968. There he encountered the IBV stock exchange data, the former Brazilian index prior to the Ibovespa, and gathered five years of the historical series. This unique historical series is available today at our Ibovespa Wall Poster and allowed us to find the beginning of the market uptrend terminated in 1971, giving basis for much of Fausto's long term graphical analysis of the Brazilian stock exchange.

This is the kind of commitment which inspires our team to build Market Posters. It is a great pleasure to develop our posters and see them on our customer's walls.

Wall Posters

Get to know the printed posters of the financial market. Made of high quality paper, the wall posters show long term charts of different world indexes, together with events and historical data, in a clean and elegant layout. Bring the beauty and information of the financial markets to the walls of your office!

Web Posters and App Posters Coming Soon

The electronic version of our posters for your PC, Tablet or Smartphone. A dynamic and interactive way to have access to our posters wherever you are.

Web Posters and App Posters

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