49:57. Did you know? The Collection. Laura delights in this rare one-on-one time with Charles, and everything is going beautifully until she accidentally knocks over his loaded gun. I’m certain Michael Landon was a good person and is in heaven! Little House on the Prairie Season show reviews & Metacritic score: While Caroline stays with Mary, Charles sets out with Mr. Edwards to find work and send money back to the hospital. S3 E5 48m. What is your favorite episode from this season? When her husband is killed she and her son, Spotted Eagle, come home to live with her father. October 11, 1982. Unable to be properly treated by Doc Baker, she is hospitalized in Rochester, where she must undergo surgery. Laura Ingalls: I guess I just sort of feel sorry for Fred. Doc Baker assists with an outbreak of mountain fever in a nearby town. This proves to be a grave mistake when the kids are trapped by a vicious blizzard outside, and none of them can find their way home. NBC again intended to end the show after its fourth season but the ratings stayed high enough to renew the show for a fifth season. Did you know? Nellie and Willie are their least favorite characters. Things start out pretty well when S3 E2 48m. Description: Can Charles and Isaiah keep their families safe and reach their goal in this wild and dangerous country? Description: This is one of the first and only times that we see Harriet Oleson really get tough with Nellie, near the end of the episode when she refuses to be in the play with her ugly curled wig. Ive seen all little house on the prairie luv em all wanna buy em all 2. In this episode and at least one other, restless tree branches are seen and heard right up against the front upstairs window next to the girl’s bed. Little House on the Prairie: Season 3. Season 9, Episode 3. 4. His story is that that her daughter was kidnapped and she is just taking care of Spotted Eagle. Following Reverend Alden's lead, the Walnut Grove townsfolk try to turn the other cheek when the bad behavior of the recently arrived Galender brothers causes tempers to flare, until a series of incidents begins to reveal the trio's more sinister nature. Some people makes fun of it, because it’s old time, but there are things that never gets old, like “don’t lie, go church, don’t be mean, no matter if your job is smelly, job is job, you do it and get paid and take care of your family.love each other, love ❤️ your neighbors… “. Did you know? While Mary fights a life-threatening infection and the hospital bills mount, Charles puts himself and a railroad tunneling team in danger by volunteering to complete a dangerous blasting job in unsafe conditions to earn the cash bonus he so desperately needs. S3 E1 48m. S3 E3 48m. They eventually accept a mining job that involves building a tunnel for a railroad. Fun Fact! He knocks her to the ground, where she stays lying for quite some time. S3 E1 48m. Meanwhile, Willie is having toruble getting the other boys to perform “Tom Sawyer” with him. In this episode the Ingalls are heading to Gold Country in their covered wagon, and we get a brief scene of them eating in the wagon one night while the rain is beating down. Fun Fact! Solomon Henry, an 11-year-old child runs away from home to pursue his dream of attending school somewhere. Everyone tries to take Reverend Alden’s advice and give the Galenders a chance, but when their crimes turn violent, the community’s religious loyalties are tested. How did Charles and Doc Baker not notice that Solomon was riding on the back? As a special school activity, Miss Beadle allows the children to create group skits that they will later perform for their parents. S2 E4 48m. This may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission on purchases. Below is a complete index with links to the Season 3 episodes: Season 3, Episode 1 – The Collection. The adventures of the Ingalls Family continue in Season Nine of “Little House on the Prairie.”The original episodes aired from September 27, 1982, to March 21, 1983. He takes them on a 400-mile journey for a temporary new life in Gold Country. Unfortunately, another tragedy threatens to tear them all apart just when things are really starting to look up. They live to regret this when the little girl wanders off and falls into an underground mine shaft. The stakes are higher than ever when Harriet donates a lavish prize for the winner. Description: Fun Fact! You can also hear the sound of air being forced out if you listen closely. When this happens, instead of panic and chaos, which is normal of children, they calmly walk over and crouch down next to Cindy to see if she is okay. Season 3, Episode 2 – Bunny. Amelia tells Caroline that actually she fell in love with Spotted Eagle's father and that Spotted Eagle is her actual son. Laura stands by the girl’s side when she is excluded from Nellie’s elite new club, but matters are complicated when Laura is caught stealing Nellie’s music box. It also features the whole Oleson family, which makes it even better!! He knocks her to the ground, where she stays lying for quite some time. Summary: Adoptive parents Grace and Isaiah Edwards have begun to notice how bright their oldest son John is, and thanks to his writing talent, the boy receives a four-year scholarship to a university in Chicago. Description: Just as in seasons past, the Ingalls must come together to face decisions about their future and find the courage to overcome tragedies. To save him from Farmer Parsons shotgun, Laura takes a cantankerous billy goat in trade for doing chores for Mrs. Parsons, names him Fred, and finds, much to her dismay, that mischievous Fred's constant companion is trouble.